Telepresence brings together technicians, front-line workers, and experts together helping them resolve the toughest problems. Boost productivity, boost efficiency, boost your workforce.

Why Telepresence?


Easy to use. Connect in seconds to your team with just the click of a button. Join their point of view, or start a stream of your own.


Built by our AR and industry experts with you in mind. Leverage a powerful suite of tools for next-gen telecommunications.


Download for Android, iOS, PC, and select AR smart glasses. Connect whenever, wherever, even with low bandwidth.


Spatial AR tools that leave your mark just where you need it. Custom resolutions and fine-tuned settings for demanding tasks.

Pixel 3 XL
Telepresence 100%
Traditional media 86%
Telepresence 93%
Traditional media 47%

* Benefits based on the averages of empirical studies performed by several universities with multiple AR systems. Although all studies report increased accuracy and speed, actual results may vary per task or application used.

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Download the app for your device. Search for Telepresence on your App Store in Android or iPhone devices, or use the button below.

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Register and subscribe to Telepresence by getting a free 30 day trial, or enroll in a paid subscription. You will need to have your account details ready.


Invite your contacts to register and enroll, or connect with your existing contacts. Start your augmented reality enhanced conferences today.

Get Telepresence for Free

As many companies are asking employees to work from home, we are making this service available at no charge for the next three months to do our part to keep the workforce connected and productive. Just download the app for your preferred device and  enjoy unlimited video and audio sharing, interactive tools, multi-user calls, and cross-platform compatibility. 

For organizations

$0/per user
  • All individual features
  • Smart glass compatible*
  • Company dashboard
  • Unlimited video calls
  • Deployment assistance
  • Priority technical support
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Feature request priority
  • Specialized training and resources

For individuals

$0/per user
  • Smart glass compatible*
  • Unlimited video calls
  • Private contact list
  • Low bandwidth mode
  • Augmented drawing tools

* Augmented reality smart glasses sold separately. Features may vary across devices.


Telepresence is packed with AR features to help you boost your productivity.

Use beacons and place them in your screen to mark important spots or signal points of interest.

Leverage the suite of augmented reality drawing tools to communicate spatial information more efficiently.

For fine details where precision is required, a live shared pointer can help you highlight moving objects or pinpoint exact locations.

Share video, audio, and drawings across all call participants.

Upcoming features include sharing multimedia files and text messages, recording calls, and zoom-in tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Telepresence

Download the app for your device. Search for Telepresence on your App Store in Android or iPhone devices, or use the links below.




    1. Swipe left twice until you see the Search screen.
    2. Write the email or name of the person you would like to add.
    3.  If they have an account you will see them, otherwise you will see a button to invite them to create an account.
    4. Here is a video showing how it looks like:

Telepresence is available in Android, iOS, and Windows. With a Mac version coming soon.

Telepresence works across mobile devices, augmented reality headsets, and computers. Superficially most of the features are similar to other video call software, however, it is designed with a faces-problem approach rather than a face-face conversation, with augmented reality tools and spatial computing to give you sci-fi quality features.

Yes. Any device where you can install the app can connect with any other device regardless of their platform. 

You do require an internet connection. You can use a mobile network. We recommend using Wi-Fi with at least 2Mbps bandwidth for best results. 

The minimum bandwidth for a decent bandwidth is 2Mbps 

Telepresence Features

Yes, you can create and join as many calls as you want. 

There are no location restrictions when it comes to calls.  

You can send an invitation within the app by going to contacts, searching your contact by name or email, and if not found, sending an invite. They will receive an email with the invitation, and they must register for an account (or 30 day trial) and download the app to create or join calls. 

We have tutorials on how to record a call depending on the device platform, but we are working on an in-app feature to record them! 




Telepresence for organizations provides a dashboard with information about the number of calls, people who join the calls, call duration, call location, and other data. Concerned about privacy? No problem, these are only recorded with explicit consent and viewable only to your organization.

Telepresence offers spatial computing features, such as pointing and drawing, or beacons to signal points of interest. When used, these features will retain their location in space, meaning they will remain where they were placed regardless of if you tilt your phone or move. Some restrictions apply when utilizing this features from older devices.

Currently we support the Vuzix and potentially other Android-based system. Contact us for a recommendation or to make sure we support your device.

Yes. You do need a stable internet connection for best performance, but you can use it outdoors or in difficult to access locations. Telepresence also comes with an optional smart adaptive mode that will optimize your device for best performance according to your connectivity.

Currently screen-sharing or multimedia sharing is not supported. It has been considered for future releases, however, early testing has found these features obtrusive rather than helpful. If this is an important feature for you or your organization please let us know!

Drawing. Future updates aim to improve tracking, stability, and to improve real-world position to not just rotation, but also location (depth). When compatible hardware controllers with the smart glasses become available, drawing from the smart glasses will be enabled as well.

Beacons. New features that allow transferring multimedia files with each beacon will be activated once the AR participant focuses their gaze upon them. These may include video, images, audio clips, or text.

Video recording. The ability to record video calls and store them locally from any device.

Logs and analytics. Call actions are logged locally on each device. Future updates aim to improve the information that is logged and provide local basic analytics.

Zoom and pause. The ability to freeze the screen to enable discussion of points of interest in which continuously holding the camera in the right position may be difficult. In addition, the ability to zoom into points of interest.

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Telepresence Licensing

Until further notice, Telepresence is available for free to all users and accounts. Stay safe! (You may see a message about a 1-month trial, we will remove this in our next update).

Regularly, you can do so right from this website. Just navigate to Solutions > Telepresence and click on the link for the version or platform of your choice. A license allows you to log in from any device. Each license can only be used on one device at a time.

Until further notice, Telepresence is available for free to all users and accounts. Stay safe! (You may see a message about a 1-month trial, we will remove this in our next update). Typically under normal circumstances we offer a 1-month trial. 

Enterprise licensing offers you access to a dashboard. Your IT department can add or remove users, enable or disable services per user, and control accounts, data, analytics, and more. Individual licenses will let you use the software but will not provide additional information or services.

You can, however, only one device may be using the license concurrently. If you want to connect with someone who does not have a license, your organization can purchase and create guest seats for frequent customers.

If you are using Telepresence as an individual, you can send them an invitation to join from the app and they can create a free account.

Telepresence Troubleshooting

Here are some things to try: 

Make sure that your trial has not expired.

Check that your payment information is accurate and up-to-date. 

Try logging in to your account via

If none of these seem to be the issue, please contact customer support at 

Start by following the suggestions for individual license owners.

If the problem persists or is related to an augmented reality device, please contact support at Organizations receive priority support.

For any payment issues not related to your bank please send an email to