Boost Human provides software services for government and military, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. At our core we leverage emerging technologies to assist companies in their digital transformation for workforce development.

It is our goal to empower employees through better training, communications, and technology-assisted skill development to improve efficiency and productivity, creating a rapid yet sustainable ROI for the companies or organizations.

Here is how we are helping different industries transform their workplace.

Use Cases


We provide augmented reality, hands-free digital assistance throughout their processes, creating holographic tools that guide workers step-by-step across complex operations, empowering the workforce to improve, learn, and do more, better, faster.


We offer augmented reality enhanced teleconferencing services to reduce travel costs and operation times of departments that require expert assistance on-site, verification, and knowledge transfer.


We create training software to avoid dangerous real-world scenarios by recreating situations digitally. Medical schools and healthcare providers are using our virtual patients for soft-skills and diagnosis training.


We offer software tool-sets for students of technical institutions or universities to enhance their learning experiences with a focus on medical training and telecommunications.