Boost Human develops enterprise mixed reality and artificial intelligence software for workforce development, productivity, and next-gen telecommunications.  Boost productivity, boost efficiency, boost your workforce.

Get Started with Industrial Mixed Reality

Learn. Troubleshoot. Connect. This is a natural workflow. Before joining the workforce people learn. When they are out in the field and face problems, they troubleshoot and fix. And when professionals become experts, they connect, transfer their knowledge and teach others. We have a suite of apps that enhance these workflows by boosting human capabilities through technology. Hence our name, Boost Human.

By 2025 approximately 14 million workers in the US will use mixed reality technology. Get ahead of the curve and learn how mixed reality can benefit your company. Learn more about the predictions and benefits today.

Connect with Telepresence

Telepresence brings together technicians, front-line workers, and experts together helping them resolve the toughest problems. 

Available on PC, Android, iOS, and smart glass devices. Telepresence allows users to share their point of view and provides a set of augmented reality tools to draw, mark, point, and interact as if everyone was in the same room.

Enhance your sales strategy, design pipeline, or maintenance operations.

Boost Human Telepresence

Troubleshoot with Guided Processes

All the information you need to prevent and solve problems delivered hands-free, real-time, right into your field of view. Prevent maintenance or troubleshooting bottlenecks by displaying holographic blueprints, 3D models, videos, images, diagrams, and more. Avoid breaking the flow of the operation by checking manuals or computer screens, and access all the information as you work.

Learn with Virtual Training

Virtual reality tools simulate the entire environment. Unlike virtual reality from phones or other devices, where the virtual worlds are usually 360 degree videos, our VR training is interactive. Participants can use controllers or their hands in the virtual world. Simulate dangerous environments, hazardous conditions, or equipment failures keeping your workforce safe.

Boost Human VR

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