Get Started with Enterprise Mixed Reality

Develop your workforce, engage with customers, and improve efficiency by implementing mixed reality solutions in your enterprise. Mixed reality can provide a quick ROI and a meaningful impact in manufacturing, service, sales, marketing, planning, logistics, design, and many other areas.

What is Mixed Reality?


Mixed reality is the convergence of the real world and a digital overlay. Using devices like head mounted displays, smart glasses, or mobile phones, the real world can be enhanced with holographic information. Its format can range from overlaid floating text, images, videos, or even full 3D CAD models.

Mixed reality allows real world objects to interact with the digital space. This means that users can interact with these enhanced environments through hand gestures, speech recognition, or spatial movement (by walking around). Mixed reality is the choice technology for learning, troubleshooting, and communicating.

Mixed Reality Projections

10% of Fortune 500

Deloitte predicts that more than 150 companies including 52 of the Fortune 500, are testing or have deployed XR solutions. Over 10% of Fortune 500 companies are looking at new technologies to help improve their businesses.

82% of Enterprises

In May 2018, a Toshiba survey found that 82% of enterprises predict that smart glasses (or mixed reality) will be used by their businesses in the next three years.

73,500 Companies

In Mexico and the US alone it is estimated that over 73,500 companies will have adopted mixed reality applications by 2023 and increase their spending twofold each year reaching a 16-billion-dollar market.

14.4 Million Workers

A recent Forrester Research report asserts that by 2025, nearly 14.4 million US workers will wear smart glasses. This is just enterprise.

Augmented Reality Projected Growth

Industry adoption rate

2019... 15%
2020... 31%
2021... 49%
2022... 82%

Sources: IDC, PWC, INEGI & US Economic Census, based on a 100k US and 5k in Mexico sample size, retrieved 2018, updated 2019

Why Invest in Mixed Reality Applications?

Hear from other industry experts why they are adopting Boost Human’s solutions:

Increased efficiency and first-time fix rates

Improved safety

Training and improved knowledge transfer

Hands-free work

Improved client-facing interactions and service

Lower travel cost

Enhanced collaboration within team members

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Solutions

We create custom content for virtual training, smart guidance, remote support, analytics, simulation, virtual beings, and more! Check our case studies and projects section for more information.

Our training applications focus on soft-skills like empathy or rapport building activities for customer service or HR.

We also offer technical training and simulation for quality assurance, dangerous activity simulation.

In addition, we digitize existing training, whether they are books, power points, or other traditional materials, our team of experts creates engaging, immersive learning activities so you can learn by doing.

Most of the time there isn’t. We will be happy to schedule a call and an on-site or remote demonstration if appropriate.

Please contact and tell her a little about your project or idea to get the conversation started.

While some products like Telepresence are immediately available out of the box, custom projects may take between 1 and 4 months depending on complexity and availability.

Once we get the conversation started and learn more about your project we will let you know. A good starting place is knowing what devices or technologies you plan to use, and how much content do you want to provide. If you have no idea don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the process!

We offer turn-key solutions including all hardware with the software installed. Optionally, companies may elect to purchase these separately and install the software themselves, although unless the company has a strong dedicated team to this we rarely recommend it.

Sure! We can integrate or connect to databases or to some other systems. Interconnectivity depends on the application or device you want to connect to, but let us know and we will take it under consideration when planning for the project.

Dedicated customer support is always available for custom projects. Currently it is available via email at with a 24-hour maximum response time, but we will expand our support offerings as soon as possible to provide a more immediate emergency service. This is always detailed on our project specifications.