Diana Olivar


Diana holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Illinois Chicago. Her experience includes customer support, customer service, sales, and strategic partnerships with large corporations. All this translates into creating awareness through networking, solving problems and helping others.

Boost Human Highlights

Diana joined Boost Human in 2019 as our Chief Revenue Officer. She oversees connecting with people and organizations across manufacturing, education, healthcare, and government. She has worked on many events, demonstrations, and meetings, including Mexico Now, Border Tech, Bosch Innovation Day, Cooperative Purchasing Expo, and many others on the works. In addition, she monitors the latest tech developments, uses, applications, and their effectiveness across different industries to help us build better products.


“I see the future of VR/AR technology and this team has all the talent to succeed! I love working along people who are smarter than me. It challenges me to be better every day. Relationships are what matter most because ultimately people buy from people. I believe in always leaving people, places, pets, parks and processes better than how I found them.”


Diana lived and worked in Chicago for 20 years as a Sales Executive for Canon. She supported clients from various industries helping customers solve problems, becoming a trusted adviser and friends, many of which remain close to this day. Some of those individuals became good friends and she is still in touch with them.


Diana achieved Dale Carnegie Top Sales Award, and Multi-President Club Winner throughout her sales career at Canon.

Although she never played sports in her life, Diana picked up a tennis racket 4 years ago and fell in love with the sport and the people.