Alex Rayon


Alex holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. His areas of expertise include augmented reality and virtual reality development. He is an expert HoloLens, Oculus, and VIVE programmer. His research focused on developing virtual humans, automated characters that respond to voice commands and appear in a holographic or virtual setting.

Boost Human Highlights

Alex was one of Boost Human’s first engineers and employees, as such, he has had a key role on most of our projects. In particular, he worked with one of the earliest versions and prototypes for our Telepresence application. He has done countless demonstrations and prototypes in mixed reality, including the HoloLens voice controlled, holographic robot arm, and a virtual-patients application that displays holographic-patients users must diagnose through carefully crafted speech interactions.


“I’m excited to put my city on the map and show the world we are developing cutting edge technology. I hope my work improves people’s workdays. It is exciting to work with top-notch tools, and the latest virtual, augmented, and mixed reality devices on the market, and share my workplace with such an amazing team. I am doing what I love, and I hope you look forward to working with us!”


Alex worked at the Interactive Systems Group lab at the university of Texas at El Paso from 2013 – 2016 where he built embodied conversational agents and create them as lifelike as possible.

He interned with the Army Research Lab where he created a tool to manage and analyze “big” scientific data.

In 2013 he co-founded Inmerssion, a tech start-up that used virtual reality to bring environments and characters to life through engaging storytelling. He built virtual haunted houses, a smart Harry Potter virtual character that used IBM Watson as it’s brain, and Merlin: Trial by Fire, a speech-enabled app that lets you cast spells in virtual reality.

He is a co-author in several research papers and presented his work at multiple human-computer interaction conferences. In 2015, the team won the best demonstration at 17th ACM International Conference for our virtual humans interactive project.


He was the founder of Game Builders! A student organization that creates video games. Although he left several years ago, the organization still exists.

Alex is an avid gamer. He grew up surrounded by videogames, and these experiences helped shape his interest in emerging visual technologies, like the ones we use at Boost Human.