Laura M. Avila


Laura holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. Her areas of expertise include web development, database management, and usability. She has planned and performed many usability and experience tests, data analysis, and data visualization to develop guidelines on how to improve applications. She has created research infrastructure for multiple organizations and is a wizard at back-end data-driven technologies.

Boost Human Highlights

Laura was one of Boost Human’s first engineers. She has had a key role in setting up and building from the ground up all our online infrastructure, including server configuration and management, databases, cybersecurity, and licensing platforms. She built the web portal that acts as a dashboard between all Boost Human’s applications and had an early role in building Telepresence.


“I want to create software that aids people in learning and improving their skills. At Boost Human, I can help create tools that can do just that! And I totally love what we stand for, it’s all in the name, boosting humans to reach their full potential as opposed to replacing them with automation. The next best thing about Boost Human is that we serve the bi-national community I love and grew up in. I am super excited to see what we can do to help people across borders with our technology!

I love the cooperative atmosphere we work in. I enjoy the openness of everyone and how everyone can ask for help from any other person. We can always count on each other to point out any improvements we can do as well as encouragement for what we are doing right! Also, I like how we admire each other’s skills. Lastly, that we can shift gears and work on different projects. We always have lots to learn individually and from each other since we are opening trails in technology.”


Laura started her career as an Administrative Assistant for a customs brokerage company where she served as a liaison between the client, transportation, providers, and American custom brokers for import and exports to Mexico through the El Paso-Juarez border, as well as other administrative office duties. She created some software solutions to optimize her workflow and eventually I transferred to their Information Technology department. After being promoted once again now to General Manager she decided to pursue her master’s degree.

Throughout her master’s she worked as a Research Assistant for the Interactive Systems Group where she developed research tools related to Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs), culminating in an interdisciplinary project that brought together educators, historians, and scientist to recreate Boston in 1770, and creating a speech-enabled historical adventure, where you got to meet and talk historical figures and citizens of an important American period.

Concurrently she worked with Lockheed Martin (later Leidos) on the Facilities Development and Operations Contract with NASA as an Associate Programmer for 2 years. During those years, she worked 2 summers at NASA’s headquarters at Houston, Texas, where she created web-based solutions using Microsoft SharePoint, JavaScript, Angular2, etc. Some of the projects she worked or led while at NASA were a close call tool for the safety department in the Johnson Space Center (JSC) facilities, a tool for approval of documents for the Quality department at the JSC facilities, and creating a database to facilitate the procurement of software licenses for the Operating Systems department.


Laura enjoys swimming and playing the piano. She says she hasn’t tried to do both at the same time… yet. 

She is the worship leader at her church, where she also helps out with the finances. She volunteers at the pharmacy of the free Baptist clinic. 

As of late, she is interested in learning more about gardening.