Juan Lopez

Juan holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. As such, he performs many of the hardware-oriented and back-end development operations at Boost Human. In addition, he has a strong coding background with over half a dozen websites, mobile apps, and IoT projects under his portfolio.

Boost Human Highlights

At Boost Human, Juan has implemented many of the dashboard features, including the payment system, user registration and account activation features, and QR code generation and login features. He oversees the build processes and distributes the fully integrated applications into their respective platform app stores.

He has also developed some of the online features and user interfaces for Telepresence.

Lately, he develops spatial, shared augmented reality applications, that is, applications with synced, interactive, holographic content in real time.


“Having worked on “standard” software and hardware development companies before, I was looking for an opportunity to create content and applications with more cutting-edge technology. I joined Boost Human hoping to apply my existing skills to the company’s needs, but also to learn, experience, and play with new devices, technologies, designs, and development environments.

So far, I have had the chance to enjoy this privilege, and even the opportunity to chose to work on projects or features within Boost Human that are of interest to me. The team is incredibly friendly and productive, and comprised of top-notch talent, which pushes me to do better.”


Juan used to work at Wycliffe Associates in Orlando, Florida as a software developer creating the front-end and back-end of a translation application based on audio files. This was used to translate Bibles all over the world.

Juan also developed a prototype of a real time flight remote simulator. The system responds to data received from a gyroscope placed on a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle or drone) which the user controls while sitting on a pneumatic enhanced chair. The chair then replicates in-flight motions based on the gyroscope data feeds.

In his spare time, he developed a multiplayer version of the classic card dealer game Mafia, which has over 2500 downloads in both the iOS and Android app stores.


Juan loves to play soccer and likes to play racquetball. He also knows how to play the ukulele.

He has performed volunteer work on behalf of his church in Alaska, Costa Rica and southern Mexico, serving food to people, painting schools, helping with building construction, and teaching English. He also spent a summer abroad in Peru.