The Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ No. 68) of El Paso provides a business platform for domestic and foreign trade. The zone is administered through El Paso International Airport and consists of five regional sites totaling 3,443 acres throughout the city and within El Paso County.

On May 30, 2019, Boost Human joined the 10th annual El Paso – Ciudad Juárez Trade and Industry Summit. The forum was attended by approximately 200 industry leaders.

The zone is continuously improving its services with innovation and best practices through its management and strategic alliances, and has obtained industry recognition and achievements as a top performance zone in the US and internationally.

Dr. Gris, CTO of Boost Human presents a talk at the 2019 Foreign Trade Zone 68 Industry Summit.

Boost Human offered a talk on virtual training, next-gen augmented telecommunications, and mixed reality guided processes as tools that the zone or its users can benefit from and incorporate for best practices and improved productivity.

In addition, we provided hands-on demonstrations of the technology, use-case examples, and joined the discussion on how the region can benefit from incorporating technology into their operating procedures.

We are also excited to announce our partnership with the FTZ No. 68, and are looking forward to explore the posibilities for integrating cutting edge technology into their own innovation practices, and to form a synergistic relationship between The City of El Paso, The El Paso International Airport, and The Foreign Trade Zone No. 68! To learn more about the zone itself visit their website linked below.