The Mixed Reality Lab is a collaboration between Boost Human, Microsoft’s TechSpark program, and The Hub of Human Innovation here in El Paso, where we seek to disseminate knowledge about virtual and augmented reality and how to use it or apply it to your own needs. This program provides the community access to high-end augmented reality and virtual reality devices for you to learn and experiment with. We also have a series of free online courses that assist new developers or potential users to adopt the technology, which you can find on video below.

How It Works

Watch the Videos

Maybe you have heard the terminology, or played with some fancy virtual reality mobile apps, but if you want to learn what the technology really is and how it may apply to your lifestyle or workplace, watch the videos. Watch them in order or pick your favorite topic. They have information about applications in entertainment, education, and business.

Setup Your Development Environment

So far you may know enough to find and use applications that others have built, but what about developing your own apps? The next step is to watch the last video, meant for developers. Here you will learn what is the required hardware and software, and point you to other more in-depth resources to learn how to create your own apps.

Visit the Mixed Reality Lab

Chances are you have a computer you can use for development. Once you have the required software installed you can start developing your app. However, it is unlikely that you have access to a device like the HoloLens or Oculus, which cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Here is where we come in. Build your app, and when you are ready to test it in the real thing, visit us. Here you can use the mixed reality lab’s devices and test your projects.

Join a Workshop

Creating mixed reality applications is a fun but potentially complex endeavor. If you were having a hard time, register for our workshops. We will walk you through the development process step by step and help you get an application up and running in no time. Workshops are scheduled in advance and there is a selection process to help us create groups with similar skill-sets and knowledge.