Boost Human showcased digital assistive technologies and their direct applications and integration with the latest developments in manufacturing and supply chain dynamics in Mexico.

Mexico’s Manufacturing and maquiladora industries are growing significantly and the automotive, aerospace, electronics, electrical and medical sectors need to improve knowledge transfer, training, and enhance their workforce.

The Supply Chain Summit allowed Boost Human to pre-arrange one-to-one meetings with over 38 summit attendees, where we listened to pain points, and consulted executives and operators of several sectors on how to improve performance and processes through the use of enterprise software designed to train, troubleshoot, and connect their workforce. 

Mexico’s Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit 2019 at El Paso, Texas, is a unique opportunity for leading OEMs in Mexico and potential suppliers to meet and identify new business partners. The event is filled with conference sessions and case studies.

Laura Avila (Left), Marco Lopez (center), and Alex Rayon (right), senior engineers and product managers demonstrate augmented,, virtual;, and mixed reality applications respectively developed by Boost Human.

Our engineers and team of experts attended presentations that focused on trade and manufacturing strategies in Mexico. We heard from industry leaders about the fascinating growth and the opportunities to participate in the booming automotive, aerospace and electronics industries value chains in Mexico, and explored cost reduction options, intellectual property protection and labor and fiscal trends affecting foreign firms.

At the event, several companies enrolled in our early access for Telepresence. Telepresence brings together technicians, front-line workers, and experts together helping them resolve the toughest problems by connecting them through augmented reality enhanced videoconferencing.

Research has shown efficiency and cost improvements of up to 35% for remote operations.

Learn more about Telepresence and how you can join the early access program, and learn more about the supply chain summit in El Paso coming back in 2020.