Bi-national Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit.

Boost Human researchers joined Technology Hub in Juarez and The University of Texas at El Paso which co-hosted RESET, the largest bi-national innovation and entrepreneurship summit on the U.S.-Mexico border, in November, 2018.

RESET is a free event where innovation and technology merge, designed to inspire young minds through a combination of unique experiences including panels, workshops and speakers.

Ph.D. candidate Diego Aguirre presented a bilingual workshop in artificial intelligence, covering hard topics such as algorithm optimizations, neural networks, and machine learning. He talked about his Ph.D. research, and presented cutting edge examples or applications that make use of the technology such as computer vision and data analysis. Diving a little into some of the mathematical principles, attendees from all levels were able to follow along and go beyond the scenes of intelligent computing.

Dr. Ivan Gris presented over six years of research and development through an interactive hands-on workshop, covering topics in human-computer interaction, spoken dialog systems, and interactive multimodal technology.

Thousands of students, professionals, and entrepreneurs attended the event. 

Ricardo Mora RESET 2018 Technology Hub Boost Human
Ricardo Mora, CEO of the Technology Hub giving the inaugural speech at RESET 2018. Boost Human attending.