The workshop delivered at the Fab Lab of El Paso on creating interactive, immersive virtual content was presented by Dr. Gris. The young audience had the chance to experience some applications and learn about the skills required to create them. Laura Avila, Alex Rayon, and Marco Lopez were also at the exhibit floor, where they showcased multiple Oculus virtual reality applicaitons and holographic HoloLens prototypes. We, like IMPACT Fest, believe that accessibility to the technology and expertise will empower our new generations of digital content creators.

IMPACT Fest international festivals bring together artists and audience to showcase new innovations in content creation. Attendees are able to see award winning works and also talk directly with directors, actors, and technologists. 

We believe that advances in technology are continually shaping our future and the way we connect to each other. It is changing the way we entertain and educate ourselves. Virtual Reality games and films will bring new immersive experiences to people like never before! Allowing people access to these technologies is our primary goal.

By introducing new audiences to the highest quality immersive gaming and content through the El Paso IMPACTFest Film Festival, we aim to bring these technologies to people from all economic and social backgrounds. We bring award-winning content creators together to showcase their immersive or experimental experience to the El Paso market, which will elevate their projects.