Virtual raining is more than immersive experiences or visual technologies. Boost Human’s cognitive scientists and visualization experts create interactive hands-on learning experiences from a safe, customizable environment. 

Why Virtual Training?


Learn by doing with a hands-on virtual experience. Touch, move, handle, and more by using your hands while exploring challenging trainign scenarios.


Schedule training sessions, adjust the difficulty, collect data, simulate comprehensive situations and entire manuals, all from a computer.


Perform training sessions within a safe environment. Simulate hazardous situations, or equipment fail conditions without putting your employees or other assets at risk.


Prevent human error, collect and review training results automatically, and perform unbiased assessments as frequently as necessary.

Virtual Training

Custom Projects

  • Smart glass compatible*
  • Virtual reality learning
  • Interactive experiences
  • Step by step insturctions
  • Challenging scenarios
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Customized solutions

* Virtual or augmented reality smart glasses sold separately. Features may vary across devices.