Laura Julie Hinojos

Julie holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science. She is the newest full-time member of the team and specializes in mixed reality tool development with a focus on user interfaces (UI), human-computer interaction (HCI) and shaders. 

She has years of experience working with Unity and other game development tools that are also applied to enterprise virtual and augmented reality development.

Boost Human Highlights

At Boost Human, Julie has been working on improving the usability of Telepresence, including balancing the color schemes, interactive menus and buttons locations, and creating in-app and video tutorials for our end-users. She also develops some of our in-house tools that the team uses for development, mostly related to UI.


“I joined Boost Human because it allowed me to work on a development niche I am very interested in, with tools that I already know and love, and in the city where I grew up.  I want El Paso to grow their technology offerings and capabilities.

The chance to experiment and push the limits of the hardware and the technology is thrilling, and seeing the end results applied, having an impact across borders, improving people’s lives is very rewarding.”


Julie worked at a research lab experimenting with proxemics in virtual reality and helped in the development of a virtual agent creation platform known as VAIF (Virtual Agent Interaction Framework) that allows people to create interactive 3D characters and supports animations, speech recognition, and dialog trees. She presented some of her work, – “Inducing rapport-building behaviors in interaction with an embodied conversational agent” – at the Intelligent Virtual Agents conference in Sydney, Australia in 2018. She has also co-developed multiple virtual reality applications with virtual humans.


Julie won the best video award at the gala of the 2018 Intelligent Virtual Agent Conference in Sydney, Australia for “Gods of Neon City”, a video she produced on a virtual reality project she worked on along with dozens of developers, writers, and 3D artists.

Julie became the vice president, and later president of GameBuilders!, a student organization, where students can begin to learn the basics of game development through any game engine of their choice. During her tenure, she would lead a lecture series teaching best software and game development practices and analyze the success or lack thereof of games.