Aaron Rodriguez

Aaron Rodriguez Boost Human

Aaron is currently a Computer Science student who will soon begin working on his Ph.D. His expertise is on developing mixed reality applications, embodied conversational agents, and he is an exceptional Unity software developer.

Boost Human Highlights

At boost Human, Aaron has worked mostly on Telepresence, creating several of the augmented reality tools for interacting within presentations. These include drawing, pointing, and spatial tools. In addition, he works on several of our upcoming features (as of this writing), including video recording, and more.


I decided to join Boost Human because of the innovative technologies the company was working on. XR development positions are almost non-existent in my area, but Boost Human provided me an opportunity to work on this tech that is truly the future of many industries. The team is hard working and as competent as any set of developers I’ve ever come across. Joining the team seemed the best way to put my skills to work in a compelling environment.

I most enjoy the work environment and new technologies we incorporate into our applications. My co-workers are determined in its mindset to be the best XR company. With every new update to our current or future applications, we always investigate new technologies and their relationship with the how things used to be done or are currently performed. This pushes us to think uniquely about the ways new technologies can work with each other, and this is always exciting!”


Aaron has been working at the Interactive Systems Group, Advanced Agent Engagement Team throughout his college career. There, he develops Unity applications to study and analyze rapport-building interactions between humans and Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs). His worked involves mostly creating and testing multi modal interaction models between the human and agents. He is the co-author of 5 peer-reviewed research papers in topics such as “Conversational Interaction with Multiple Agents Initiated via Proxemics and Gaze” and “Physical Interaction with Multiple Agents.”


Aaron is a movie buff; he is a hardcore sci-fi fan. He is also a keyboard and synthesizer enthusiast, and has picked up an interest in sushi making.